Discover our unique collection of religious leather goods, where elegance harmonises with spiritual beauty. The handcrafted products perfectly reflect the unique character of the faith. Keychains add style to your keys, reminding you of the importance of each glorious step. Leather bracelets are expressions of individuality and symbols of spirituality, forming a beautiful story of strength and humility. Notebook cases protect thoughts and inspiration, offering an aesthetic experience for the journey of reflection. Leather pencil cases are not only practical accessories, but also symbols of creative self-expression. Invite you to discover our devotional leather goods, where quality and spiritual beauty meet to create an inspiring daily life.


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Welcome to the exclusive category of leather covers for DECT handsets, where functionality meets sophisticated style. Our handcrafted cases not only guarantee protection for your DECT handsets, but also present an innovative charging function, allowing easy use without having to take them out of the case. Discover our leather covers, combining elegance with modern design, which not only protect your DECT handsets but also provide comfort and practicality, introducing innovative standards of style and functionality.

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About Soryt SC - Polish manufacturer of leather goods, leather products, devotionals and DECT covers.

Discover SORYT's range of leather goods manufacturer

Welcome to the world of our leather products, where style, protection and spiritual elegance meet in perfect harmony. Our range includes unique categories, each carefully designed to meet the highest expectations of lovers of luxury leather goods. Experience a journey through functionality, style and deep spiritual beauty as you discover how our products fit seamlessly into everyday life, providing not only utilitarian value but also an unforgettable aesthetic experience. Explore our categories: 

DECT Covers

Functionality and Style in One: Leather DECT Headphone Covers

Welcome to the unique category of leather covers for DECT handsets, where elegance meets innovative solutions. Not only do our handcrafted covers offer superior protection, but they also offer a unique charging feature, eliminating the need to pull out your handsets while charging.

Handcrafted Elegant Covers: Precision and Comfort

Our range of leather covers is the result of combining the highest quality craftsmanship with attention to detail. Each cover provides not only superior protection, but also comfort. Discover the combination of style and functionality by choosing our leather covers that redefine standards of elegance.


Exceptional Leather Devotional Covers: Elegance Meets Spiritual Beauty

We invite you to discover our unique leather devotional collection, where each product is a manifestation of elegance and deep spiritual beauty. From keychains with sentences to leather bracelets, each piece carries with it not only aesthetics but also spiritual inspiration.

Elegant Accessories with Religious Symbolism

Key rings with sentences, bracelets with delicate symbols, notebook cases and pencil cases - each product exudes elegance and deep meaning. Discover our devotional collection, where leather becomes a vehicle for inspiring symbolism.

Bags & Panniers

The Elegance of Everyday Living: Leather Panniers and Bags

In our exclusive "Sacks and Bags" category, artisanal tradition meets modern design. Reliable craftsmanship and careful material choices create leather products that are not only durable but also stylish. Discover how our products fit perfectly with the diverse needs of modern life.

A Stylish Addition to Everyday Life: Luxury in your Hands

Provide your customers with access to timeless luxury by offering them panniers and bags made from the highest quality leather. Our category is not just about products, it is a story of elegance, precision craftsmanship and timeless charm. Discover a new definition of stylish living by reaching for products that exude class.

Leather Accessories

Tradition and Modernity: Perfectly Refined Leather Accessories.

Welcome to the leather accessories category, where classic meets modern style. Our collection offers products whose elegance is in the details and each piece is carefully selected to create a unique character.

Luxury, Robustness, Functionality: the Triple Bottom Line of Our Accessories.

We focus on the highest quality leather, which gives our accessories durability and a unique look. From elegant pencil cases to versatile cases, every product in our range combines functionality with aesthetics. Discover the harmony of tradition and modernity by choosing accessories that emphasise your individuality.

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